Waiting List

We are all waiting for something.  What is it that you are waiting for? Email missamykr at yahoo dot com.  You will then be added to this Waiting List. (please include your city)




Sophia Heller
Ava Moore
Ben Riley
Fran Seneca
Miles Rosenthal
Jason Rosenthal
Amy K. Rosenthal
Beth Kaufmann
Matt Kaufmann
Tucker Froelich  
Jackson Froelich
Tyler Froelich
Joe Krouse
Tom Lichtenheld
Megan Dunne Krouse
Charise Mericle Harper

Alicia Mullen  
Lisa Coughlin  
Peter H. Reynolds  

Jeff Leitner 

Mark Kaufmann

Andy Kaufmann
Tony Rogers

Michal Lemberger
Donald Frazier

David Hochman

Frank Maugeri

Paris Rosenthal

Scott Magoon

Carmen Lefebvre
Denice Rovira Hazlett

Barbara Flynn
Ame Dyckman
Chyna Pate
Lisa Kokin
Miven Trageser
Meg M

Sarah Shewey

Jane Boursaw
Theresa Squires Collins

Beth Ferry
Rosa SanMarchi

Austin Kleon

David Fuder

Tania Luna
Alexander B.
Lewis Francis

Thomas McKenzie

Audra Eng

Charles Leck

Marit Ericson

Josiah Bodkin
Joan Schaublin

Rebecca Ballard
Ana Goelzer
Jennifer Yoo

Justin Rosenthal
Jarbas Agnelli

Liz Song

The Epic Class 212

Mary Ellen Griffin

Eileen Scharenbroch
Mithra Ballesteros

Anne Emerson
Nicole Renouard
Piper Mehigan
Kat Just
Andrew Heng

Reut Cohen


New York City
Austin, TX
Grand Rapids
Highland Park, IL
Highland Park, IL
Highland Park, IL
Highland Park, IL
Highland Park, IL
Geneva, IL
New York City

Dedham, MA 


Highland Park, IL

Highland Park, IL

Los Angeles
US / Hong Kong

Los Angeles




Montreal, QC
Charm, o-HI-o

Irwin, PA
Lawrenceville, NJ
Dublin, CA
Los Angeles
Manalapan, NJ

Los Angeles

Traverse City, MI
Evanston, IL

Allenwood, NJ

Austin, TX


New York City
Sofia, Bulgaria
Falls Church, VA

Brooklyn, NYC

Sydney, Australia

Independence, MN


Bloomington, IN

Athens, GA
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Bangkok, Thailand

São Paulo, Brazil

East Palo Alto, CA

Bangkok, Thailand

Mequon, WI

West Bend, WI
Mequon, WI

Fish Creek, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Whitefish Bay, WI
Mequon, WI
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand



inspiration to strike.
you to notice me.  
video to buffer.
cookies to cool.
where I’ll go to college.
"Breaking Bad" Season 5.
down time.
fresh snow for snowboarding.
to be 6 feet tall.
to be a high school freshman.
another Bulls championship.
the next beginning.
a baby.
waiting for my body to get used to the new, no-caffeine me.
my new app to be released.
next book collaboration with my “Plant a Kiss” partner.
 for things to work methodically- and excruciatingly slowly- through the system.
to celebrate 20th wedding anniversary.
waiting for people to stop waiting.
for the caffeine to kick in.
The next visit to my awesome sons, 1700 miles away.
A response to Voyager’s Golden Record.
I am waiting for everyone to be fed.
a) On the world to change
b) A female president
c) For people who have made mistakes, to recognize them
d) To see what I look like and where I will be in 10 years
e) The perfect boy
f) A new friend
g) For my hidden talents to be discovered
h) To NOT be a freshman
i) To be able to sing
I am waiting for less than I used to; I am learning to enjoy the journey.
the winter to end.
nothing. Do, or do not. There is no wait. Except for when the paint is drying.
someone to love me for me.
a meteorite to land in my yard.
for him to come home.
a fun vacation.
waiting for the muffin man.
for my son to get a job. Finally. So he can move out.
for TEDActive to be here already!!! But I’m also waiting for Jansen to pop the question!
a kidney for my husband.
for a poem to come back to me. I am also waiting for dinner to be made, laundry to be folded, house to be clean, and one extra hour in the day. I am not, however, waiting to be loved. I’ve got that on lock.
for my pizza to be delivered.
for 5 o’clock, for inspiration, to finish what I started.
I’m waiting for Boom to get here.
my daughter’s last two baby teeth to come out.
the feeling of mastery.
waiting to be added to this list.
for her to realize we could be good together.
for the mothership to take him home.
everyone to start enjoying the moment. Relish now, because now is all we know we have for sure.
an America who will fulfill her dream, lifting up the fallen, feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless, caring for the suffering and ill, challenging the world to give peace a chance!
someone to sing to me; something beyond belief.
waiting for ZK<3
for my soulmate and I to find each other.
my next ukulele to arrive!
to see her niece and nephew this summer!
an idea.
time to finish a little present for a friend.
my beloved and i to find each other.
We can’t wait to see Amy at International School of Bangkok!
for the world to catch up to me - slowing down.
to find out who I am.
the perfect chocolate cake recipe.
the cow to jump over the moon.
my son to talk!
summer to never end.
summer to happen.
a) my first kiss
b) my sister to get to double digits
c) my period
d) for Amy to come to ISB
e) 6th grade
f) for some humans to stop being so barbaric
g) how the earth will turn out
h) my dad’s b-day
i) my b-day
j) 5th grade graduation
I’m waiting for closure.

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